Natalie GooGoo

Natalie (Nat) GooGoo from We’koqmaq First Nation has been involved in women’s softball from the age of 12 years old. She has inspired many women from her own community and other communities as she played a major role in bringing woman’s softball back to her community. As a leader and a coach/player for many years Nat was the heart of the beginning of the Softball Circuit that had 5-8 women’s team playing in 2002 – 2004 in Nova Scotia. She took the Mikmaw Woman’s Nova Scotia team to the Native Canadian Fastpitch Championships (CNFC) in Alberta and placed 3rd. This achievement alone has had a great impact on Female Mi’kmaw Fastpitch athletes in Women’s softball.

She was a champion in her prime and is still a champion to this day.

If there is a key builder in Mi’kmaw Women’s Softball, it is undeniably, Natalie GooGoo.

Mi’kmaq Sports Hall of Fame